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What We Do For You

Owner’s Policies

An owner’s policy protects buyers from “clouds” against the title, like liens, legal judgments or taxes. It also assures buyers that the owner owns the property and the right to sell. We search through public record, examining ownership chains and other issues that might affect whether title can be delivered to another future owner without complications. Our accuracy, thoroughness and speed provide you with peace-of-mind on your purchase.

Lender’s Policies

Lender’s policies, or Loan Policies, are typically based on the dollar amount of a loan. It protects lender’s interests in the property in the event of a problem with a title. We know how important it is to protect your investment, so we research titles thoroughly and efficiently.

Leasehold Policies

While tenants have traditionally overlooked the benefits of Leasehold Policies, this policy covers tenants who are prevented from using a property because of an uninsured title matter. If a tenant is evicted as a result of an uninsured title, a leasehold policy entitles the tenant to collect the value of the remaining lease.

Title Searches

Our accurate and thorough title searches verify the seller’s right to transfer ownerships and determine whether any claims, errors, assessments debts or other restrictions on the property exist. We are typically able to find and solve any problems without borrowers or lenders knowing there was ever an issue. Because we understand the importance of closing a sale, we pride ourselves on the efficiency and speed with which we conduct our title searches.

Closing and Escrow Services

To ensure that your sale closes smoothly, we handle all aspects of closing. Not only will we act as your escrow agent and handle your money safely and professionally, but we also review and clear your title of any defects to guarantee that your title is free and clear. We make closings effortless with open communication. We guide you through signing documents, making sure that you understand what you’re signing and why.

Recording Services

We understand how overwhelming documentation in real estate transactions can be, so we provide a variety of recording services so that you don’t have to. Some of these include reviewing documents for original signatures, dates, notary acknowledgment, reference to real property and county requirements.

Mortgage Foreclosure Services

We provide solutions for lenders and loan services to assist in managing costs, accuracy, timeliness and service in procuring title information crucial to executing a valid foreclosure. Our comprehensive Foreclosure Information Report is designed to provide the most accurate, complete information for all parties.